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I am Ace, am I happy, am I lucky say it.
Found on the street, that was my luck because I was taken in by the kind people of Hope for Homeless. I was there for a month and a family came to see me and they fell in love with me. I was allowed to come along, lucky again? I also fell in love with the family and learned everything. Walking neatly on a leash, listening, being kind to other people, children, dogs and cats.
I love playing with other dogs, love cuddles and going for walks with my owner. I had a perfect life. I tried my best to do everything right and received love in return.
How happy I was. Slowly the time I got attention got shorter, the walks were shorter and faster. What was wrong, what was I not doing right? It was so nice, wasn’t it? I was doing everything right, asking for attention but….. one thing I could not do, affect my owner’s busy schedule, there was no more time for me. Then there was the day, there was a call to Hope for Homeless if I could come there. Was that luck or? I don’t know yet. At Hope for Homeless they took care of me again very sweetly and I can play and romp with all the other dogs. But I miss my owner, my own place, my own cuddle. Could it be true, does all good things come in threes or is this just a saying, a maxim without substance. Could it be true is there really happiness again, for the third time? A boss who really has time, adopts me into his family, gives me the attention, the love, a long walk, plays and romps with me. I hope so, I will do my best, I know how it should be and I was so happy with that.
Who will make me completely happy again? Is that you?

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