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Hello, they gave me the name Agapi at the Hope for Homeless shelter.
Why? Well “agapi” in Greek means “love”, and from the first moment they saw me there was love!
My life was not full of love, I was “saved” from an uncertain existence but ended up in the wrong hands. I was put in a private shelter, which cooperates with the municipality, and in Cyprus they also call this place “THE HELL OF KORNOS”, it is a shelter only without care, no medical care, none or far too little food and certainly no love at all.
A number of volunteers rescued me and 3 other dogs from this hell, I was saved from death, I was examined by the vet and treated and now I am at the Hope for Homeless shelter.
From the first moment of my rescue I was relieved and exuded confidence, and everyone immediately said “Agapi mou”, my love. I’m a sweetheart too, if I do say so myself. I love to play with other dogs, but I also enjoy playing with the caretakers and the children. It is often love at first sight.
But now I’m looking for the great love, the love of an adopter. An adopter who makes me forget the misery, one who falls in love with me, one to whom I can give my love and gratitude.
May I give you my love, let your heart overflow? Then call soon.

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