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they call me Lexie and together with my mother, and 2 brothers we have 4 men working hard.
Someone had alerted the Hope for Homeless shelter that we had been seen in Mitsero, looking for food.
4 Great men we saw coming, Mario’s, Nicolas, Michalis and Giorgos. They came with a large bus and cages, but they spoke kindly and curious as we are we allowed ourselves to be persuaded to come closer. So close that I and one of my brothers were suddenly in one of the cages just like that. My mother and other brother were a little less curious and didn’t get as close, but eventually we were all caught and were on our way to a better life.
Right when we arrived at the Hope for Homeless shelter, we knew. They were ready for us with food and drinks, we were given a bed and allowed to run and play with each other. We did get a quick check that we were healthy and clean. We had to sit still for a while so pictures could be taken. So I looked at camera nicely. And now it’s waiting for someone to see that beautiful picture of me and fall in love with me. Tell me, with my white skin and pink nose, it’s not that hard. So if your heart overflows with love and you have a spot in your home for a basket. Will you call then? I am Lexie and waiting patiently for you.

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All of our dogs stay at the shelter in Cyprus.


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