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Yes there I am, me with an angel on my back. There is no other way. Just dumped in the dark. 200 meters from the Hope for Homeless shelter. A busy road and I am black, so are my sister and brother. How could it have ended.
I don’t know about you, but we are healthy, handsome and not annoying. So why are we just dumped like garbage and even 200 meters from a shelter? Had then driven on or dropped us off nicely, but no, just hop into the street and figure it out. In shock, we crawled to the side of the road. At every headlight we saw we cringed. Until a car stopped and took us 200 meters away to the shelter. Even though they are full of other little dogs we were allowed to stay. Tell me, who can say no to puppies? Puppies that are also so beautiful.

Now it’s just a matter of having people with the right heart in the right place. A person who lets the heart speak and gives me a chance. Not one of surviving along the way but growing up in a loving environment. Getting warm, getting care and eating. Time together to walk, play and cuddle. Because that’s what I need.

Do you have a heart, also in the right place, do you have a warm basket and time to raise me and grow old together. Will you call quickly then. It’s incredibly good here, but growing up in a shelter is not my dream.

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All of our dogs stay at the shelter in Cyprus.


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