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My name is Milko and how I can still be so white actually amazes me. Together with Bruno, my buddy, I was strolling by the old factory. Who came up with those names I don’t know, but Milko apparently fits me, then.

For at least 4 months we lived at the old factory and slept under an old truck. There we were spotted by Nandia. How fortunate that she went to buy chicken for the dogs at the Hope for Homeless shelter. She saw us and along with another woman passing by, she started calling us and even crawled under the truck to catch us and take us away.

She thinks she was able to save us, but really we just let ourselves be taken away because the chicken smelled so good.

So now we are at the Hope for Homeless shelter. Have we been checked by the vet and are having a great time. We eat chicken with vegetables and rice, get attention and can play.

But they say this is not the intention. The idea is to take care of me for a while until someone comes along who wants to take me in and give me a place in their family. So I had to be photographed to introduce myself.

So now we are waiting for someone to come or respond to the ad who will fall in love with me and be very eager to take me in. Who teaches me what that is like, but also teaches the other things that are needed. I am still young so a little training is needed.

I did learn to be very social to other dogs and people, children are nice too. Walking neatly on the leash and listening to commands, I think I still need to practice a bit on that.

Can I practice with you and you fall in love with me? Phrase then?

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