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Hi my name is Ralph, that’s what the Hope for Homeless volunteers called me after they rescued me. That was two years ago. I was found, abandoned by everything and everyone.
After 2 months of staying at Hope for Homeless, a family arrived. They wanted to adopt me and offered me a warm home.
In the beginning everything went great, I was loved and received a lot of attention, but now, after 2 years, they brought me back to Hope for Homeless. The reason? They have arguments that I don’t understand, but neither do the people at Hope for Homeless. Yes, I’m not a puppy anymore and what if that’s all?
So everything I had with them was like a dream and now I’m back to the harsh reality. Please, please, I really need a home, a sweet family that will never abandon me again. A home that will love me forever and want to teach me things.
I am a very sweet and calm dog and I am sure we will be the best of friends if you will just give me a chance. If you want to be that family for me and make me happy again and stop crying, then please do so. Now I am sad here at Hope for Homeless in the shelter, no matter how well they take care of me.
Please give us a call?

+++ children, adults and other dogs.
– cats

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